Tuffet Tutorial Part One : Upholstered Cushion

Sorry to drag this out but I’ve decided to break the Tuffet Tutorial in to two segments. It’s a bit of a lengthy tutorial and I think it will be more manageable this way.

Milk Crate Tuffet Tutorial Part One

What You Need:

3 large diaper boxes or other cardboard equivalent
Fabric for seat cushion (about 1/2 yard)
1 square of poly foam ( I had a 12×12 square but 16×16 would be better)
1 small bag of poly stuffing
Hot Glue Gun

What You Do:
1) Preheat your glue gun
2) Out of your card board box, cut 6 ~ 15″ inch squares and 16 ~ 2″ squares of cardboard.
Make sure you cut your squares from solid pieces of cardboard that do not have any seams or folds so you have nice sturdy pieces.

3) Set aside one cardboard square and begin stacking the other 5, adhering each layer with a generous amount of hot glue and pressing firmly together until the glue sets ( just a minute or two).

Do the same with the 2″ squares, stacking them 4 layers thick to create 4 sets.

4) Out of the fabric you’ve chosen for the seat cushion, cut a 23×23 inch square.

5) Lay your fabric square out on your work surface and place your square of poly foam in the center. Then spread a  layer of stuffing ( more or less depending on how fluffy you want your cushion. Just remember that it will get smashed down when you pull the fabric tight to upholster) evenly on top of the foam  (and extending past the foam if you used a 12 x12 square like I did). Finally, lay your reinforced layers of cardboard on top of the stuffing.

6) Begin upholstering by squirting a small line of hot glue a couple inches away from the edge of the cardboard. Now grab a section of fabric and, pulling tightly, adhere it to the glue. Hold firmly in place until glue sets. Continue working along the first edge in 2″ segments. Once your first edge of fabric is glued down, work the opposite side remembering to pull tightly and evenly on the fabric. Repeat the process for the remaining sides leaving the corners for last.

7) Glue down the corners of the fabric by folding, pleating, and gluing down the fabric little by little. I found that giving the corner a final twist and dab of glue helped to get an extra clean look!

8) Finish by gluing the last 15″ cardboard square to the back of the cushion and attaching the 4 ~ 2″ squares a couple centimeters in from the corners of the large square to create a little lip that will prevent the seat from sliding around on the crate (very important if it is is going to be used as a toddler seat!).

So there you have it. Easy upholstering and you didn’t even need a staple gun!

Stick around for Part Two of the Tuffet Tutorial!


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