Upcycled Bubble Wand Toy

After our Fly Swatter Bubble Painting earlier this week, we were left with these empty bubble bottles laying around. The brightly colored lids and bottle rims inspired me to turn these into a fun color matching toy for my toddler who is currently obsessed with lids. This quick and easy project has provided endless hours of entertainment not only for the little ones, but the older kids as well.

color match bubble wand toy

All You Need:

– empty crayola colored bubble bottles – ribbon (yellow, pink, and purple) – hot glue gun

All You Do:

Rinse your bubble bottles and cut the wrapper off. Cut your ribbon. I used two strands of each color approximately 8 inches long. To tie the ribbon to the bubble wand, fold it in half, push the folded end through the hole of the bubble wand, and pull the loose ends of the ribbon through the loop. Secure with a dab of hot glue.

bubble wand color match toy

We have this activity on our shelf right now.  All of the kids have enjoyed matching up the lids with the bottles and have found many other uses for bubble wands as well. They make excellent magic wands, ticklers, and even werewolf antidote, or so I’m told.


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