Top 3 Indoor Winter Activities


We’ve been having so much wintery fun these past few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I am always especially thankful to have a few activities up my sleeve this time of year when little ones are restless from being cooped up indoors. These highlights from our Winter Sports and Snow Day Lesson Plans are sure to entertain your kiddos on even the chilliest of days!


Confetti Snow Angels

Indoor Confetti Snow Angels : play learn love

Cut up paper into tiny bits, throw it on the floor, and roll around in it…What kid wouldn’t go for that? This activity was seriously awesome and about as simple as it gets. I cut a stack of scrap paper into strips and then they hacked away at it until we ended up with a big bowl of confetti. Even little sister determinedly tried her hand at the scissors for the first time! They loved every part of this activity from practicing their cutting skills, to throwing it the air, to making snow angels, and even cleaning up. They stole the vacuum right out of my hands and had such a blast watching the paper crackle and pop as it disappeared into the tube. It turned out to be an unexpected science exploration in itself! Definitely worth the mess!

Confetti Snow Angels

Snowflake Window Painting Tape Resist

Tape Resist Snowflake Window Painting : play learn love

Speaking of mess… this one definitely falls into that category, BUT please don’t let that turn you off. This activity was loads of fun and yielded beautiful results! I used masking tape to make snowflake designs on the windows then whipped up a batch of window paint ( tempera + dish soap) and invited the kids over to decorate. We used sponge brushes, which were super fun especially with the bubbly paint, but any brushes and even finger painting would work great!  I should have laid down a drop cloth (and  recommend that you do if you try this for yourself) but now worries, the paint easily wiped up after we were done. The next morning the girls peeled off the tape to reveal our beautiful snowflake design. This is such a fun way to display the kid’s art and we definitely plan on doing it again to decorate for different seasons and holidays!

snowflake window painting

Indoor Sledding Hill

Indoor Sledding Energy Buster : play learn love

This activity is the perfect energy buster for any snow day! I built a mountain out of our ottoman and couch cushions and draped a large white fitted sheet over  it to help hold it together and make it look like snow. The girls grabbed their sleds and knew just what to do.  They had so much fun climbing up and sliding down our mountain, experimenting with different positions, and even giving their stuffed animals and dolls a ride! This has been a most requested activity in our house all month long. My girls highly recommend it!

indoor sledding collage


  1. I just love the sledge thing. What a great idea. I think my kids would play with it for hours. Will try it for sure.

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